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Valorant tier list

Though there are many weapons to choose from in Valorant, not all are created equal. Some prove more useful than others in combat, and if you want to know which are the best weapons in Valorant, you've come to the right place. Below is a list of weaponsbroken up into tiers based on their usefulness in the current meta.

Like any betathis meta can change rapidly! Be sure to check back here for updates as Valorant Evolves and gets ready for a worldwide release. This information is based on the weapons in the beta. For a different outlook on Valorant weapon tier lists here are some links to community tier lists Below:. Each tier list provides additional information that can help you better understand the weapons you will be using in Valorant and make you the most efficient agent on the battlefield.

For additional information about each list, click the links above! Valorant Wiki Guide. Last Edited: 27 Apr pm. This is the gun for a quick trigger finger and a great shot. Will kill any enemy, even fully armored ones, with a shot to the chest or head.

Shooting an enemy in the leg is the only way the Operator won't get a kill. If you're not great with snipers, we suggest learning how to be better with them just for this one.

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Or at least make sure one of your teammates knows how to use it. If your team is ahead, be careful not to let it fall into enemy hands.

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Vandal: The Vandal offers one-shot kills to the head with decent hipshot accuracy, even at a long-range. With consistent damage at most ranges, the Vandal is the perfect gun to dominate the corners of the maps in Valorant.

Phantom: This silenced assault rifle has higher accuracy than the Vandal. It deals less damage at a distance but maintains accuracy with consistent fire for a bit longer. A - Tier: Strong Spectre: A silenced sub-machine gun and honestly the only one worth your money, the Spectre is a great choice for a strong primary without spending a ton of money.

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valorant tier list

YES NO.After a two-month closed beta, the game has officially been released around the world, with players from Melbourne to Los Angeles beginning their journey in the five-on-five tactical shooter from Riot Games. On Monday we released their confidentialwhere the top players in VALORANT's beta weighed in on issues such as the ranked system, which character they'd delete from the game and what maps they enjoy and don't enjoy playing.

For the day of the launch, we have another edition of our pros giving their anonymous thoughts on the game, this time dialing in on their agent tier lists as the game goes live across the globe.

The tier list is average from over the 50 responses we received from the players and voted upon from the mindset of playing in professional high-level matches.

No one even thought about ranking her lower. Sage is a walking ambulance with her heals, slowing field, ice wall and resurrection ultimate. In a game where a heal from the Chinese monk can be the difference between a won or lost round, she's the only agent in the game that can't be left on the table during the selection phase. Almost as if the VALORANT developers were reading our pros' minds, Sage was nerfed going into the official release, with her healing duration and wall durability both being weakened.

The Morrocan king of intel himself, Cypher finds himself sliding into the A-tier where agents are considered staples in a majority of compositions played on the competitive stage. There isn't any other agent in the game that can lock down a site like Cypher can with his wide array of booby traps and no one beats him when it comes to shutting down a well-timed flank.

Brimstone is a similar state to Cypher where although he isn't an instant loss if a top team doesn't pick him, he's an integral piece to many of the teams that won tournaments during the beta period.

From his smokes to his airstrike ultimate, Brimstone is an annoyance for anyone to play against, shrouding his team when needed and even clearing a site with his artillery when prompted. Breach is loud, aggressive and possibly the best attacking agent in the entire game, his flashbang and disrupting abilities giving him the confidence to run into any unchecked room or corridor.

One pro gave him a ranking of C-tier, so we can presume this is a Breach main just wanting his agent to not be nerfed in the coming patches. Right next to Cypher in the intel and reconnaissance category, we have Russia's greatest hunter. His recon bolt ability, like Cypher's tripwires, can stop a planned attack before the enemy team can leave its spawn point.

While Sova was used on and off early in the beta during high-level tournaments, his usage expanded as the closed beta went along, with teams learning the perfect spots for his recon bolts and turning the archer into a one-man defense quad.

In limbo between agents sparingly used in competition and the popular kids who always get picked almost no matter what, we have the Brazilian explosions expert, separating herself from the rest of the duelists as a viable pick in competition.

valorant tier list

During the early parts of the beta, players focused primarily on the overwhelming amount of damage she could throw out in quick bursts, but as she was nerfed in the middle of the two-month experimental period, players began learning to take more advantage of her quick mobility with satchels.

Raze was one of two agents to get at least one vote in every category, showing off her polarizing nature with some believing she's only unstoppable in unorganized online matches against randoms while others think that she is a must-need for tournaments with the best teams in the world.

Britain's cockiest agent had a mighty fall from grace during the closed beta. After the alpha of the game, we did a similar survey and he was rated as the best agent in the entire game, with players falling in love with him over the three-day event. That love affair continued into the early parts of the beta where we saw a lot of Phoenix in high-level tournaments before his usage declined as the beta went along.

Eventually, Raze overtook him as the most used duelist by the time the beta ended and Phoenix was left wondering where it all went wrong. Luckily for Phoenix fans, he has gotten a significant boost going into the official launch, with his flashbang duration extended and other abilities buffed, including having his weapons reloaded once his ultimate times out. While it remains to be seen if these changes will catapult Phoenix back B-tier and above, the outlook is good for the smack-talking operative.

For Viper, it all comes down to the situation, where she's often used on Split in high-level tournaments but never seen when it comes to maps like Bind and Haven. And while she wasn't the worst-rated agent in our pro survey, she's also the only one in the C-tier that didn't get a buff going into launch, leaving Viper wondering what she did wrong to anger the developers.

While some pros like Tyson "TenZ" Ngo won trophies during the beta primarily playing Jett as his main agent, we also saw many more try her in high-level matches and fall on their faces.

The South Korean assassin is an agent that looks beautiful and stylish when piloted correctly and a dumpster fire when things go wrong, so it should be no surprise her results were all over the board. On a positive note, Jett did get a buff as VALORANT drew open its curtains for showtime, with her smokes now lasting for four seconds longer, finally giving her utility that can mesh well alongside her teammates. At the end of the alpha, Omen was the lowest-rated agent, and at the end of the beta, Omen is VALORANT's resident shadow monster from parts unknown, Omen's kit is centered around surprising the enemy and using mind games to find opportunities to defeat the opposing side.

In theory, this works, with the strongest players pulling off nifty Omen tricks in high-level tournaments, but there are generally more lows than highs when it comes to Omen play. Don't be too down, though, Omen mains: Help is on the way. The developers changed a lot about the agent during the time between closed beta ending and the official launch, attempting to keep his identity and playstyle the same while also making sure he can be viable for casual and pro players alike.

His biggest change is that he can now channel his teleport ultimate and cancel it while still in its shadowy, loading form if things don't feel right.

Before, Omen could try his ultimate, see a party of enemies waiting for him on the other and just wait for his end to come.Looking up a Valorant tier list will be helpful to those players just starting out in Riot's competitive shooter - or looking to master an Agent according to their preferred role in a team.

As Valorant is a blend of Counter-Strike pinpoint gunplay with Overwatch's hero characters, there's a roster of characters to pick from when you start each match - and the choice can be overwhelming. We've put together a Valorant tier list for the game's best Agentswhich should give you some indication on which characters you should try to learn first. Looking for more advice? We have recommendations for the Valorant best guns and damage stats plus a list of Valorant tips and tricks.

At launch, there are 11 agents in Valorant, and at the start of a round, each player must lock in a character to play as for the entire match. The agents in Valorant are malleable - every single one complements the team in special ways - so figuring out these combinations between agents to dominate the opposition and explode upon and capture a bomb site is part of the fun!

When you load into Valorant, you should notice in the top left corner of the screen on the main menu, there are two circles. There's one tied to the Ignition Battle Pass, but the other one, when you start playing, will be a tiered levelling system that lets you unlock agents for free at levels five and The game should automatically prompt you to unlock a new agent when you hit these tiers, but if not, head to the Collection tab, and then Agents to pick the agent you want.

You can rise up the tiers very easily by simply playing games to earn XP, and you should unlock the first two free agents after a day or two of play. But what if you've unlocked both of your free agents?

Well, there's a way to unlock more agents, but it's not very well explained in-game:. Before we delve into our tier list recommendation, there are several things to bear in mind.

One is that this list is subjective, and is based on a variety of factors; own experience over the course of the closed beta, the esports consensus, patch notes and the thoughts of the community. Another is at launch - and especially if you're playing casually - every Agent is viable. As well as the below tier list ranking, we delve into where Agent comes in use in the sections at the end of the article. Finally, know that recommendations shift as the meta solidifies and the skill cap starts to climb - so don't be put off if your favourite hero is at the bottom, as things can and certainly will change over time.

Now we've established our tier list, we're going to explain our choices by going through each class of Agent in Valorant and where they are useful.

Again, things can change as patches and the meta adjusts - but as of the launch of Valorant, here's where things stand in our view. There's a reason that the Sentinels rank so highly on our tier list - Sage and Cypher should be instant picks in any Valorant game. You will feel like you're missing an arm if you play a match without these defensive experts!

With Sage, this is due to her incredible utility as a medic and a map controller. She can heal other players and herself, summon walls that can stop site rushes and revive players from the dead. The wall can be put under another teammate to give them the high ground in an unpredictable location for an easy kill, or it can be used to stop a dangerous flank in its tracks.

The wall can be shot through, but it takes so long that it usually does the trick regardless.Valoranthas finally launched, and we've been able to play as multiple Operators. It's still early doors, but based off of the gameplay we've seen, we can probably get a good idea of which characters are better than others. Be sure to watch our wide variety of Fortnite content here! Jett has some powerful offensive abilities that can easily be chained together and become lethal. Although she may be tough to use initially, those with a cool head a precise aim will find her to be devastating at picking off opponents.

Check out our Jett guide here. One of the few healers in Valorant at present, Sage can put up a number of obstructive objects up.

Valorant tier list: Our best agent recommendations and how to unlock agents explained

Check out our Sage guide here. Sova is a reconnaissance expert, three of her abilities will give you intel on the opponent's whereabouts - something very valuable in a one-life game mode. It will be tough for attacking or defending teams to get away from her and to make matters worse she seems to do a great deal of AOE damage. Check out our Sova guide here. His ultimate is incredibly powerful for playing an entry fragger role and being able to respawn once killed.

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Check out our Phoenix guide here. Brimstone feels like one of those characters that won't immediately catch your eye, but will ultimately play a big part in matches. He's able to launch a volley of obstructive smokescreens, along with large orbital blasts making site rushing very effective.

Where he will fall down is that his abilities are very team orientated and if he's last alive will have limited use of them.

Check out our Brimstone guide here. Cypher has some unique abilities that realistically may sound fancy, but will likely do little to impact gameplay other than slow down opponents. The most useful ability has to be his ult, which will extract information from dead enemy players.

However, you'll be reliant on you and your team getting kills and enemies being around to make full use of it. Check out our Cypher guide here.

valorant tier list

Omen probably has far more impact in games than his abilities describe, but for now, they seem far less practical than other agents. His ultimate is undoubtedly the most redeeming factor, but how often in a game will you get it and will maps allow it to really shine? Check out our Omen guide here. Viper looks like an annoying character that when played well on defence will really cause problems.

He's another agent that is redeemed by a strong ultimate, allowing him to become a walking nuclear recon drone. Check out our Viper guide here. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

For more information, see our Cookie Policy. All prices listed were accurate at the time of publishing. GfinityEsports employs cookies to improve your user experience.

Our cookie policy reflects what cookies and tracking technologies are used on GfinityEsports. Sign Up. Chris Trout. Be sure to bookmark this page as it is being updated regularly! Her Slow and Barrier Orb can be really problematic for any teams on the attack. Not only that but she can heal allies and resurrect them from the dead.

valorant tier list

Phoenix appears to be a great all-rounder, possessing great offensive and defensive abilities.Valorant Patch 1. Here's how things stand. As always, Cypher sits upon a throne of data that Riot has not yet chosen to shake him from. Breach's utility has increased even further with the latest patchgiven the greater opportunities for angle breaking with the Operator nerfs.

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Patch 1. Raze is of course always a solid pick for damage and Phoenix offers a lot of forgiveness for new players and utility for experienced ones alike. Even though Jett's Burst Fire was nerfed in Patch 1. She's still effective and has great mobility options, however, you likely won't see as many Jett Operator players in the future. Viper, on the other hand, has received another assist in terms of her kit. It remains to be seen whether or not this will be the final push needed to finally increase her pick rate.

Reyna of course received a slight nerf in the patch 1. Sage did not receive any changes in the latest patch so she is still crippled by the effects of the nerfs she received in 1.

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Valorant: Character Tier List And Best Agents To Use

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