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How to quit rise of kingdoms

Being part of an active alliance in Rise of Empire is extremely important for your progress and you might have to go through a few alliances early on in the game until you find the right one for you.

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You see, when I first started playing and unlocked the feature to join an alliance, I chose the option to let the game assign me to a random one. So I had to leave. In order to get there, first tap the Menu button in the lower right area of the screen to actually expand the menu:.

In the new window, tap the Manage button in the upper area of the screen to reveal a new set of options:. As you can see, you have a nice shiny button there: Quit. You can now search for an alliance that is better suited for you. As you can see, once you know how to switch your alliance or at least quit your current one in Rise of Empire, things are no longer that difficult. But getting there might prove tricky for some people and hopefully this quick guide was helpful.

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Oct 26, am.In almost every window, for example, when you click to upgrade your City Hallthere will be an "i" icon somewhere, which you can tap on to get the basic information about the thing you are looking at. VIP levels increase everything by boosting resource production and other stats like train and building speeds. At VIP level 6 you gain permanent access to the second builder queue. At VIP level 10, you get one Legendary Commander sculpture each day which is the hardest resource to get in the game.

After VIP level 10, you can either continue to spend them on VIP points to level 14 to get 3 sculptures a day, or use them on Book of Covenant to upgrade your castle since they're incredibly had to obtain.

There are many things to consider, such as your play style and your plans of use with them. See Commander Guide. You can also take a look at the guide Ultimate Talent Guide For All Commanders by Shinchi42 to see the most effective ways to upgrade your Commanders for an easier game! Once you get your primary commander to 3 stars, you may assign him or her a secondary commander when marching.

Secondary commanders act as a partly supporting role, with only its unlocked skills coming into effect. Secondary commander talent specialties and trees have no effect. Alternatively, you may obtain passport page s from bundles or from the alliance shop for k individual credits.

You will need a certain number based on your power, and:. Select the globe to see lists of kingdoms. Select the preferred kingdom, then select the preferred region by selecting a listed "Teleport". There are two options - the Territorial Teleportwhich is fairly cheap, or one of your beginner's teleports. Targeted teleports are harder to obtain, so it is best to save these, and random teleports do not guarantee you getting to your destination.

Once your alliance has a Fortress, which creates a territory, you can use the Territorial Teleport to move a city into that territory from any region within the same kingdom. The Targeted Teleport will also work, whether or not your alliance has a territory set up yet. It is more expensive. You have to expand your alliance's territory to touch the enemy alliance's fortress territory before you can rally.

Try to build your Center Fortress near an Alter or Sanctum. Then take it over and get the benefits. Also, try to stay away from already established large Alliances so they don't attack you.

Invite as many players you can so you can star resources production. You must have sufficient alliance priveliges R4 officer or leader. You must place a Central Fortress first. This requires at least 20 alliance members and at leasttotal Alliance Power AND have 1, alliance credits.

how to quit rise of kingdoms

Then an Alliance flag can be placed as long as its borders touch an existing border, either from a fortress or previously placed flag. The first Alliance Flag costs 50, Alliance Credits.

No, once your troops have entered the city the rally is originating from, there is no way for you to recall them. You can only recall an army before it reaches the rally city Tap on the marching army to see recall option. Before the rally leaves a city you can ask the rally leader to remove you from the rally. If rally left city you can leave the alliance and your troops will leave rally and go back to your city.Being part of an active alliance is extremely important in Rise of Kingdoms.

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But even alliances that were once great can end up in a lethargic state if members leave or become inactive — it happens in all games out there.

And if that happens to you, it might be the time to consider switching alliances. But how to change your alliance in Rise of Kingdoms?

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Even inactive alliances with inactive leaders can still run pretty much without a problem if there is at least one Rank 4 officer active to build alliance-related structures or ideally more. Even more, if your alliance was extremely active and strong, even if members are starting to become inactive, it might still be a better choice than many others.

This is exactly the reason why so many formerly large alliances still have many members — some of which active, despite no active leader or even Rank 4 officers.

Things are pretty much straightforward, to be honest. From there, tap the alliance button in order to be taken to your alliance overview screen. Tap the gears icon to the left of the screen to be taken to the alliance settings. There, you will have the option to Quit Your current alliance, as you can see in the image above. This way, the people in the alliance can remain in it and still enjoy the advantages that have been unlocked over time.

After quitting your alliance, simply tap the Alliance Center building in your city and select either option that suits your desires: join an existing alliance or create a new one. And this is it! You know now how to change alliance in Rise of Kingdoms. If you want more guides related to this in-game feature, I have more written: a guide on how to teleport to your alliance or an article where people list their alliances so you can join them.

Will the leadership be automatically transferred if your leader is inactive for a long period of time? Your email address will not be published. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Reddit Telegram. Related Articles. April 4, How do you transfer the alliance leadership to someone else in the alliance? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Close Search for.New to the Rise of Kingdoms game? This RoK article covers how to play Rise of Kingdoms, about commanders, troops, buildings, and other things such as tips to get powerful, why to join an alliance, red gems, resources, and much more.

In Rise of Kingdoms, you have a city to manage and grow and you play as a commander. These buildings include training centers, production centers, alliance facilities, research facilities, commander recruitment centers, and many more. To build these facilities or use these facilities, you need resources; food, wood, stone, and gold. To protect the resources Defense and attack the enemies, you need to build an army of high-tier troops and power-up the commanders.

Also, it would be much better if you join an alliance and relocate to its territory teleport there — this will reduce the chances of getting attacked by other players. When you are in the alliance territory, close to the alliance members, you can get assistance quickly — if there is someone who is going to invade your city. The total power of your Kingdom is affected by the building power, technology power, troops power, and commanders power.

In order to increase the power of the Kingdom, you need to power-up all these things. So these are the ways to increase the power of the city in Rise of Kingdoms game. In Rise of Kingdoms game, there are two types of buildings; economy buildings and military buildings. At the bottom-left corner of the game screen, tap the hammer icon to check the buildings. You can switch between three tabs; economic, military, and decoration.

City Hall is the main building in your Kingdom. If you upgrade the city hall, new buildings or the maximum limit of building a specific building will increase. As you upgrade the city hall to the next levels, you will enter a new era every certain level. By default, the Kingdom starts in the Stone Age. Academy is one of the main buildings in Rise of Kingdoms game. In the academy, you can research two types of technologies; economic and military.

There are two tabs on the left side of this window; economic, military. In the economic tab, you can search the technologies related to the production of resources, troop load, research speed, gathering speed, and more. In the military tab, you can see the technologies related to troops, training speed, new troops, attack, march speed, defense, and more. Storehouse is another main facility in Rise of Kingdoms.

As you know that other players can invade your Kingdom anytime and steal the resources. This storehouse protects the resources; food, wood, stone, gold.

But there is a limit. It can not protect the whole treasure. You can upgrade this facility to increase the protection capacity. When you join an alliance, you can ask for help. For example; In the building, upgrading, research etc.

When the player asks for help, this facility shows a helping hand icon. Tapping this will help the player. If you upgrade this facility, you can increase the number of times that you can be helped and the reinforcement troop capacity. Players in an alliance can help each other by reinforcement Send your troops to another player. To reinforce, tap the menu button at the bottom-right corner of the game screen and then tap the alliance option.Custom media type: machine-man-preview Announced: 2016-09-14 Projects Manage projects.

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Our alliance leader somewhat quit the game and is not playing anymore,..

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how to quit rise of kingdoms

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Our city DOUBLE RALLIED + swarmed TWICE - Abilez gets double rallied - Rise of Kingdoms

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how to quit rise of kingdoms

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