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Custom d12 dice

My husband plays a lot of tabletop games, so I decided to make him some custom dice for his birthday and a personalized set for some friends who were getting married. While I was at it, I tried some cool alternate materials in some dice for myself. Sprinkles make great dice! Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson.

You'll need some sort of silicone mold making material. There are tons of different kinds. I opted for a two part pink product.

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Mix up a small batch of silicone mold by the directions on the package. Whatever utensil you use to stir this material will be easily cleaned, so it doesn't need to be disposable. I used disposable medicine cups and paper baking cups.

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If you have more than necessary for one mold, I recommend pouring a small amount in several cups so you can make several different molds. Place the die you want to mold in the center of the cup with the 1 side face up. Insert it at an angel so air doesn't get caught in the number depressions. Press it down so it makes contact with the dry silicone.

Custom Dice

Mix up a batch of resin according to the package instructions with a disposable cup and stir stick. Mix in your chosen items. I particularly liked the sprinkles and glitter. In these pictures, I used some small beads. Pour the resin into your mold. Be careful to pour just enough that the resin is rounded on top and not concave.

Don't put too much so that it spills out over the top of the mold either. You can dip your stir stick in the resin and add one drip at a time to the top if necessary.

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The resin will shrink a bit while it dries. Pop your new dice out of your molds. The top will have no number depression, but you'll know that side is the 1.Creating account is very simple. Log in. Forgot your password? Please enter the email address you used to register. We will then send you a new password. Retrieve password. Back to Login. If you have not received any information - please repeat the process of requesting a password.

Check now! Buy now! This shiny container is an accolade to the times when all games were as fresh as new. It looks like glass jar from fairy tales or futuristic laboratories, where the secrets of the universe are being revealed.

Our Dice Cup is specifically designed to keep your dice safe in any circumstances. Dice need a solid shelter and place to jump and roll.

In fantasy worlds, there is nothing better than a real medieval tower: durable and build with taste, easier to maintain than the whole castle. On Golarion your own tower is something that heroes can dream only. Dice in dice cup are shock-proof and really safe like in heavy armor, that can stand against all dangers. We made this bundle for all gamers to protect their treasures. The set contains an astonishing set of Pathfinder Dice Set, elaborated and magnificent in design and dice cup, sturdy like dragonhide, beauty like a dragon in flight and enchanting like a magic item from dragon hoard.

This beautiful dice cup is a trustworthy companion for every Role Playing Games. Made of real leather, it fits more or less 20 dice and can be used either as a dice roller or a storage for your dice, whichever you need at the moment.

This dice set, inspired by the twisting fate of Rivellon it self, contains the blessings of the Seven gods and the dangers of the Void.

Roll with faith, but be prepared for any eventuality This is the first Adventure Path in the Second Edition of the game - and it can get quite heated by real ancient dragon firebreath! Unless you can avoid unleashing the Age of Ashes upon the world!

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The world has collapsed, Corporations won and thrown their weight around. That is your little helper on your way through Night City and remember, one roll can change it all, even make you the cyber-hero from zero. That is your little helper on your way through Night City and remember, one roll can change all, even make you the cyber-hero from zero! Some people wondered why we have so many Dragon Dice in our offer. We have a variety of bags, prepared especially for your dice.

Whether you are a fan of zombies, elves or battle games, we have something for you!Dice are one of the most important components to a board game. With no true skill behind the dice, it is down to pure luck to see what side your dice lands on. Order your own board game dice with our generous range of the standard dice in different shapes, sizes and colors to go with your game design.

There is no minimum so order as many or as little as you need. But what really makes our service and products exceptional is that you can also create a custom dice so it does not have the feature the standard dots on each face so your dice can truly match your game design. We have a large selection of board game dice shapes and sizes, not only do we have the standard 6 sided dice, we have gaming dice from 4 sides, up to 20 sides.

Custom dice

Choose to have the standard dots, or you can have your artwork or photos printed in full color onto each side. Why you should order from us is simple. We print your simple or complex designs onto the tabletop game dice with our new and improved technology that we have invested in, which makes sure your designs look sharp and crisp whilst staying durable during your game.

If you think your idea is ready to be turned into a mass market game and you want to print a sample product or print your new individual board game to play at home, we are equipped with state of the art facilities and equipment to provide a complete game production. Even if you order a pair of dice for prototyping or order in bulk for your first production run, your products will arrive to you at full production quality. If you have any questions about our production process or if you would like to order or more dice, please contact our sales team who are ready to serve you.

One thing you can be sure of is our commitment to superior quality, craftsmanship and service. At BoardGamesMaker. Our user-friendly online builder allows board game creators and card game designers to place their designs and customize the products with text at ease, simplifying the design and manufacturing process.

Do you need expert help or advice on making your game, have full custom specifications or need a large quantity full production quote? We do small print runs from 1 piece upwards right through to full large-scale offset production. Just let us know your requirements, whatever quantity needed. Speak to our team today! Enter your email address to stay updated with us and receive exclusive members only offers. Dice White Dice 12mm.Wooden Dice. Share to:. Contact Now Add to Basket. Whether you just need a few prototypes for testing, or if you're ready for your first production run, we can make the dice you need in the way you want.

Click here to view. Artwork Requirements:. For other color options please click here. Bescon Industrial Co. We supply to private customers, games manufacturers, educational supply companies, novelty promotional gift houses, wholesale distribution chains and casinos. The Highest Quality with Faster Lead times.

Good Team Work Support. Good MOQ. Pearlized 6 Sided Dice with Golden Dots. Polyhedral sided Gaming Dice. Custom Engraved Polyhedral 12 Sided Dice. High quality custom polyhedral 12 sided glowing dice, luminous polyhedral dice. Polyhedral 12 Sided Sex Dice. Colorful Custom Dodecahedron 12 Sides Dice.

Communicate with Supplier? Alice Tsai What can I do for you? Chat Now Contact Supplier. Poker Tables. Send Inquiry Subject: Content: Your message must be between characters. Basic Info Model No. Product Description In our custom engraved polyhedral 12 Sided Diceevery face can be customized.

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We will do both engraving and printig. The printing pattern can reflect more details and vivid artwork with Gradient color, while the engraving is more durable than printing ones. We have a wide selection at great prices to help you get creative. All the Custom Engraved Polyhedral Dice are quality guaranteed. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

Email to this supplier Subject Message Your message must be between characters Send.View Range. Home specialist dice. Specialist Dice. D-Total Dice.

Percentile Dice. Black Dice.

custom d12 dice

Blue Dice. Brown Dice. Clear Dice. Copper Dice. Glow In Dark Dice.

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Gold Dice. Green Dice. Grey Dice. Ivory Dice. Multi Coloured Dice. Orange Dice. Pink Dice. Purple Dice. Red Dice. Silver Dice. Steel Dice. Teal Dice. White Dice. Yellow Dice. Chessex Dice. GameScience Dice. Q Workshop Dice. Crystal Caste Dice. TDSO Dice. Koplow Dice. Impact Dice. Tessellations Dice.

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Crit Hit Ceramic Dice.To select multiple dice of the same type at once, right click on the 3D die and select the number of dice you want from the menu. To create a set of dice to roll, grab a 3D die and drop it onto a hot key at the bottom of the tabletop. Many of the rulesets built for FG allow users to drag dice rolls directly from the fields displayed on the individual PC and NPC sheets, as well as the GM combat tracker.

custom d12 dice

On the PC sheets, these fields are denoted by a die icon in the lower corner of the field, or activated by a die button. Certain die roll types are not represented on the tabletop by default. For example, to roll d, right click on the d10 die model, and select the d menu option. Additional custom dice can be specified by the creator of the ruleset. The dice displayed on the tabletop is controlled by the creator of the ruleset for the game system you are playing.

You can right click on this slot to name the Dice Pool or to modify the pool. If you add more than 30 total dice only 30 will actually roll in the chat window but all roll results will be reported. The dice can be moved physically around the tabletop wherever you like. If rolled on the chat window, then a copy will be rolled and the 3D die will remain in its original position. If the ruleset provides a dice tower option, the GM can enable a dice tower that appears on the tabletop of the players.

The dice tower allows the GM to ask a player to make a roll that only the GM can see the result of. To make a dice tower roll, just drag and drop the desired roll on the dice tower. Jump to: navigationsearch. Rolling arbitrary dice. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page. This page was last modified on 14 Septemberat This page has been accessed 40, times.The d12 is one of the platonic solids, officially the dodecahedron.

Twelve-sided dice are a part of the traditional 7-dice set and are used in a myriad of roleplaying games, though the d12 rarely takes a very prominent roll. The oldest 12 sided dice were Egyptian and were dated to around BC, from the Ptolemaic period.

Single Gemini Red-Black d Sold singly. Gemini Red-Black d12 with gold numbering.

custom d12 dice

These are standard 16mm sided dice and are sold individually. Single Gemini Black-Purple d Gemini Black-Purple d12 with white numbering. Single Scarab Jade d Scarab Jade d12 with gold numbering. Single Lustrous Shadow d Lustrous Shadow d12 with white numbering. Single Scarab Royal Blue d12 1 review. Scarab Royal Blue d12 with gold numbering. Single Opaque Black d Opaque black d12 with white numbering.

Single Speckled Golden Recon d Speckled Golden Recon d12 with white numbering.

custom d12 dice

Single Opaque Red d Opaque red d12 with white numbering. Single Nebula Blue d Nebula Blue d12 with white numbering. Single Opaque Blue d Opaque blue d12 with white numbering. Single Gemini Black-Shell d Gemini Black-Shell d12 with white numbering. See the Single Translucent Purple d Translucent purple d12 with white numbering. Single Gemini Purple-Steel d Gemini Purple-Steel d12 with white numbering. Single Scarab Scarlet d Scarab Scarlet d12 with gold numbering.


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